March 15, 2015 - Roadside, Little Roadside, Gemini Gullies

by dseasholtz Sun, March 15 2015 22:43

The temps have been in the forties all week, so I thought I should take a look at the conditions at Lock Haven. Unless things cool down, this may be the end of the season. The low angle approach to roadside is eroding, with several sections of open water. The Gemini's seem to be holding their own. I found some soft hero ice on Little Roadside Gully, which is along Rt. 120 between Roadside and Hidden. This may be my last sticks for the season... Video here:

 (L) Roadside Gully has some open water on the approach     (R) Gemini Gullies from a distance along Rt. 120.


 (L and R) Little Roadside Gully offered some soft hero ice.



Lock Haven / Renovo