January 10, 2015 - Roadside Gully - Hidden Amphitheater

by dseasholtz Sun, January 11 2015 00:22

Ice conditions are coming along nicely at Lock Haven. Hidden Amphitheater needs another week to fill in, and the steep tiers higher in Roadside still need to touch down and fill in. Surprisingly, the low angle approach to Roadside is ready and I scrambled up the lower bulges to get the first sticks of the season. With the weather that is on tap for the coming week, I would bet both areas will be ready by next weekend. Video of the low angle approach on Roadside: http://youtu.be/SrG_zSl6x-s.

Hidden Amphitheater still has some open water and needs to fill in.


 The low angle approach to Roadside Gully is in, but the upper tiers need to touch down.    Little Roadside looks good.



Lock Haven / Renovo