January 17, 2015 - Gemini Gullies

by dseasholtz Sat, January 17 2015 21:36

The conditions at the Gemini Gullies are best described as "thin, but definitely in". Wayne Barnard, Randy Edelman, and I  trekked up the Left Gemini Gully today, topping out in the right corner. Videos here: http://youtu.be/7ng4crfSmL0 and http://youtu.be/rp5UqSTt8yw . Another party led by Matt Hirt, climbed a nice shaded flow to the left of the Gemini's.

The lower section needs some running water to fatten it up. It appears you can top out on either gully, with a couple of mixed moves and dirt sticks.


Our usual route is the pillar immediately to the left of Wayne on lead. It was quite chandeliered, so we left that to fill in a bit more, and stemmed the right corner.


(L) Stemming the last moves in Left Gemini - (R) Roadside Gully has filled in a bit more from last week, We saw a party enjoying the low angle approach on our way home.



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