March 7, 2015 - Twin Falls, McElhatten Run, Rosecrans, PA

by dseasholtz Sun, March 08 2015 23:12

Didn't have a partner today, so I took a quick solo peek at the Twin Falls on McElhatten Run near Rosecrans, PA. This small area has been an ice farming project of ours in years past, and I was curious on the conditions there. It definitely has been a cold dry winter this season as the usual pillars on the south side of the gorge never formed. Just to get my "ice fix", I did boulder around on the twin falls and also on a tiny smear below the falls on the north side of the gorge. Videos here: and .

 (L) Twin Falls, McElhatten Run, Rosecrans   (R) The usual steep pillars that form here (see inset), never came in this year. Evidently, it was too dry.



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