Roadside Gully - January 20, 2018

by dseasholtz Tue, January 23 2018 21:14

Grabbed a quick ice fix at Roadside Gully on Saturday January 20, 2018. The weather was turning to unseasonably warm temps, and we hit the ice in the morning before things started to deteriorate. I met up with 3 PSU students and we practiced our mantling technique surmounting the steeper bulges on the low angle approach gully. Another party from Gettysburg climbed on up into the Amphitheater. GoPro Video here: Roadside Gully - January 20, 2018.   Pics of Roadside Gully - 1/20/2018 below.

(1/21/2018 Update: Took another trip up the Renovo Road on Sunday, and the warm temps had already deteriorated Roadside's approach gully and sections had opened up to view the running water below. Hidden Amphitheater was still open running water, but the Gemini Gullies looked really good while viewing across the river from Rt 120. The weather forecast for the coming week is dismal, with temps bumping up into the 50's and rain. We will need another extended cold spell to recover from this unseasonable hit.)










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