Roadside Gully - January 14, 2018

by dseasholtz Sun, January 14 2018 18:13

Son of a bitch!!! I took a ride up Rt. 120 to take a couple of damage report pics of what a assumed would be the dismal remains of our early season ice. I pull up to Roadside Gully, and find the low angle approach holding strong and the steep upper tiers still looking climbable. Only route not touching down was Glass Menagerie on the third tier. A bud of mine was soloing up the low angle stuff and I took a few shots. He did note that the low angle ice seemed hollow and could hear water running under the ice. With the increased flow, the low angle stuff should be fine, but the steeper lines may be a bit delaminated from the rock.

As expected, Hidden Amphitheater was completely wiped out with Green Run now an open roaring waterfall. But, since Roadside and the Gemini Gullies are spring fed, they survived the monsoon last Friday, and will continue to grow in the seasonal cold temps.

Still kicking myself for not throwing the ice gear the car... 





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