February 21, 2015 - Roadside Gully

by dseasholtz Sun, March 08 2015 20:34

Ben Nevin and Chad Zengerle spent the morning in Roadside Gully. Conditions are stellar, with leadable ice from the road to the top. The only route that has not touched down yet is Motorhead, on the left side of the third tier. (Photos by Ben Nevin and Chad Zengerie)

(L) Low angle approach gully filled in nicely.     (R) Steep bulge on the way up to the amphitheater.



(L and R) The upper amphitheater with three distinct tiers. 



(L) Thriller Pillar and Mixed Madness areas on the second tier.     (R) Glass Menagerie on the right side of the third tier.



(L) Motorhead on the third tier still not touching down.   (R) Rapping back to the road



Lock Haven / Renovo