Roadside Gully - December 30, 2017

by dseasholtz Sat, December 30 2017 11:59

Have at it folks! These early season cold temps have Roadside Gully in better condition than we have seen in the past 3 years. The low angle approach is filled in and lead-able. (GoPro footage on the lower grade 2 approach: Roadside Gully - 12/30/2017) In the upper amphitheater, both the first steep bulge and the second tier look to go. The third steep tier is not yet ready, and Glass Menagerie has a ways to touch down.  The low water flow, while hurting other climbing areas, is why the low angle approach is now climbable this early in the season. I would think Hidden Amphitheater and the Gemini's both will also allow passage. Time to climb!





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