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Pine Creek Rail Trail
Saturday - June 20/21, 1998
Location:  PA Grand Canyon - Blackwell to Ansonia and back
Length:  38.25 miles
(We've biked this trail several times)

Parked at the parking lot in Blackwell which is 1.8 miles from the southern terminus of the trail located at Rattlesnake Rock.  The rail trail is an old railroad bed that runs through the PA Grand Canyon. It was resurfaced to be used as a biking/hiking trail and has a very low grade.

Approximately 3 miles into the trail, you'll be able to spot an eagles nest which is located across the creek.  Camping is not permitted in this area to preserve the eagle sanctuary.  Around 9 miles we came into the picnic area. There is a road access into this area using a parallel road to the rail trail.

The camp site has picnic tables and facilities.  It's a good docking spot for canoes looking for a place to camp overnight.

All along the trail you will find folks hopping off their bikes and making their way to the creeks' edge to wade in the water and cool off.  There are several private cabins located along the trail.

At 18 miles we reached the northern terminus of the trail at Ansonia. Rumor had it that there was ice cream to be found somewhere in the area so we went looking.  We were on a mission...we took a left onto the road and at the stop sign we turned right onto Rt. 6.

About a half a mile down the highway we found a cute little ice cream stand! They had one of my favorite flavors...chocolate malt!!!  

We then headed back along the highway and instead of picking up the trail at the northern terminus we went up the highway a short distance and turned right into the Darling Run access area.

We peddled up the mountain before we entered the parking area.  Here we picked up the trail again and headed back down the rail trail.  It's a good docking spot for canoes looking for a place to camp overnight.

We stopped at the Tiadaghton picnic area and took a break at a picnic table (actually sprawled out and rested our sore butts) and enjoyed the cool breeze coming off Pine Creek. Several tents were already set up for the night.

We headed down towards the eagles area where we met up with some folks we knew. After chatting a bit we continued on down the trail and back to the vehicle.

All-in-all it took about 5 hours. What a way to spend a day off! It was nice to see lots of other folks on the trail enjoying a beautiful summer day!

Jacksonville Road
Location:  Jacksonville Road off of Rt. 64 in Mill Hall

The plan was to ride bikes from home to Bald Eagle State Park in Blanchard.  Headed out onto Rt. 64 and immediately picked up the Jacksonville Road.  

After riding for several miles, we rode into a nasty downpour.  We waited under some trees for about 20 minutes.  When it looked like the rain wasn't going to stop any time soon, we decided to turn around and ride back down the road in search of other shelter. 

We came across an old one room schoolhouse along the road and took refuge on the front porch for about a half hour.  We then found a break in the rain and decided to make a dash back home.  We'll try it again another day.

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