Hidden Amphitheater - Lock Haven / Renovo Ice Report - February 6, 2021

by dseasholtz Mon, February 07 2022 21:13

Lock Haven Ice is currently in great condition. I am very surprised that the rain event last Thursday did not wipe things out. Here are a few pics from Roadside Gully and Hidden Amphitheater today 2/6/2022. Looking across the river, The Gemini Gullies also appear to be in good shape. Not sure how the Gemini approach road is, with the recent ice/sleet storm, and the river ice moving out. (It was an easy drive 2 weeks ago).

 Roadside Gully


 Hidden Amphitheater













Lock Haven / Renovo

Angel Falls , Loyalsock State Forest - January 29, 2022

by dseasholtz Fri, February 04 2022 14:07

Angel Falls is a semi-remote northcentral Pennsylvania ice climbing destination located in the Loyalsock State Forest.. The area includes a 40 ft. lower and 120 ft. upper falls, along with a steep wall to the right of the lower falls. Jason Erdman had been here 2 days prior, and reported great conditions, so we took a drive up Rt. 87 from Montoursville, and spent the day here. Ice conditions were great, but getting screws to feel secure in the aerated ice, proved to be a bit of a challenge.

YouTube Videos from Today's Outing:
Ice Climbing - Lead on Upper Falls - Angel Falls - Loyalsock State Forest - January 29, 2022

Ice Climbing - Angel Falls - Loyalsock State Forest - (Helmet Cam POV) - January 29, 2022







North Central Mountains

Angel Falls , Loyalsock State Forest - January 27, 2022

by dseasholtz Fri, February 04 2022 13:28

Jason Erdman was kind enough to send us an ice conditions report from Angel Falls.

I’m glad to see that you are continuing to update this page.  Here’s a contribution for you: 

Climbed Angel Falls in Loyalsock State Forest today 1/27/2022.  The falls were entirely frozen and in great condition.  The last 10 ft. of the climb is a little thin and you can see some water running behind, but there is enough good ice on either side to take screws and make it leadable.  Ogdonia Rd. from Rt. 87 is plowed and maintained to the intersection of the Loyalsock Trail. 



North Central Mountains

Lock Haven Ice Report - Roadside Gully / Gemini Gullies - January 22, 2022

by dseasholtz Thu, January 27 2022 23:23

Stayed local and headed up to Gemini Gullies for this weekend's climbing. We did see another party working their way up the lower pitches of Roadside Gully. The ice here really fattened up overnight in the cold temps, as it looked a bit thin the day before. The 7 mile dirt road approach to the Gemini Gullies was easily travelled with only a few icy sections. They even had the road plowed most of the way. Both gullies started out with leadable ice and we opted to start up the left route. Midway up, we looked at the upper amphitheater in the left gully, and topping out looked a bit sketchy. We then traversed over into the right gully, and found thicker ice there. Randy E. led the left option and other than the typical crux topping out, found the route leadable using shorter 13 cm. screws.

GoPro helmet cam video of today's outing in the Gemini Gullies on YouTube here:
Ice Climbing - Gemini Gullies, Sproul State Forest - Helmet Cam POV - January 22, 2022

Roadside Gully


Gemini Gullies


Left Gemini Gully (Upper Amphitheater)

Right Gemini Gully (Upper Amphitheater)



Lock Haven / Renovo

Ganoga Falls Amphitheater, Ricketts Glen State Park - January 15, 2022

by dseasholtz Mon, January 17 2022 20:37

Cold temps the prior week, brought climbable ice conditions to Ricketts Glen State Park. The main Ganoga Falls had high water flow, and was too wet for an ascent. Two sections of the Ganoga Amphitheater were in climbable condition. A group from West Chester had two lines on the Cradleboard flow to the far right, so we opted to jump on and climb the Left Wall flow. The other routes along the right wall, Dutch Eagle, Savage, and War Bonnet, still need to touch down.





Ricketts Glen

Lock Haven / Renovo - Ice Report - January 12, 2022

by dseasholtz Wed, January 12 2022 21:44

Central Pennsylvania has been experiencing some seasonable cold temperatures this past week, so we took a ride up Rt. 120, north of Lock Haven, to see if the ice is beginning to form. The photos below of Roadside Gully were a welcome sight. The low angle grade 3 approach gully is filling with ice, but will need several more days to a week of cold temperatures to be leadable. The third step in the approach gully is not yet iced over, and the rest of this pitch needs to fill in. The steep upper tiers in the upper amphitheater are not yet touching down, but do look to be growing. Give it another week, and hopefully this will be ready to climb.



Lock Haven / Renovo

WELCOME - 2021- 2022 Ice Climbing Season is on the Horizon.

by Dave Seasholtz Tue, September 18 2018 16:46

The 2020-2021 ice climbing season in Pennsylvania allowed us around six weeks of climbing. It was much better than the non-existent previous season. Hope the 2021-2022 season allows even better ice climbing conditions than last year!

Feel free to check our Ice Condition Archive Pages located along the right sidebar to see what we can expect if the weather cooperates. Please use this site and  www.NEIce.com to assist you in determining where to climb.

HELP WANTED! Please help keep this site up to date. Use the email link listed on the "Contribute" tab above, or email your Pennsylvania Ice Climbing trip reports and photos to dave@hikebikeclimb.net and I will post them. 


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