Hidden Amphitheater, Lock Haven / Renovo - February 20, 2021

by Dave Seasholtz Sun, February 21 2021 21:15
We finally have some climbable ice in Central Pennsylvania. Wayne Barnard, Randy Edelman and I spent the day in Hidden Amphitheater (Rt. 120 between Lock Haven and Renovo). The first short pitch offered an easy lead, but the conditions on the grade 4 pillar, on the right side of the second tier, was a bit too thin and candled, to support a safe ascent on the sharp end. We instead scrambled up the easier left side, and opted to setup a top rope. The third tier has not touched down, so we left that. The steep pillar made for some fun climbing.
YouTube Videos from climbing at Hidden Amphitheater here:











 We did see another party up high on Roadside Gully. Not sure how the conditions are, on the steep upper tiers.

Unfortunately, with the forecasted warmup this coming week, this may indeed be the last weekend for ice climbing in PA.

Roadside Gully and Little Roadside Gully - February 20, 2021


Lock Haven / Renovo

Bear Creek Falls (AKA Buttermilk Falls), Luzerne County - February 13, 2021

by dseasholtz Tue, February 16 2021 19:46

Took another trip to NE Pennsylvania looking for climbable ice. We stopped and took a few laps on Bear Creek Falls in the Natural Lands' Bear Creek Preserve (Luzerne County). This is also known as Buttermilk Falls by the locals in the area. 

YouTube Videos from our climbing at Bear Creek Falls here:







Lock Haven / Renovo - Ice Report - February 12, 2021

by dseasholtz Fri, February 12 2021 21:13

Took a ride up Rt 120 past Roadside Gully this afternoon on our way to XC Skiing in the Black Forest. Here are a couple pics. The low angle approach is showing promise, and looks like most of the route is now ice. It appears to still be a bit thin, so leading it will require some run out placements. Higher up, the second tier looks like some mixed climbing will be required to top out. Glass Menagerie, on the right side of the third tier, looks like it has touched down, and may be a good route. I am not sure of conditions on the Gemini Gullies, or Hidden Amphitheater. If anyone gets up there, please send me a report and some pics to share.



Lock Haven / Renovo

Campbell Falls (AKA Coxton Falls or Falling Springs), Pittston, PA - February 7, 2021

by Dave Seasholtz Fri, February 12 2021 20:44

Took a trip to NE Pennsylvania to check out Campbell Falls near Pittston, PA. These falls are also known as Coxton Falls or Falling Springs. It had gotten warm with bright sunshine the days prior to our visit, and a large window had opened up in the middle of the route. Because of the soft ice from the degraded ice conditions, we opted to just top rope the route instead of our normal lead. Still was a fun route, and highly recommended.

YouTube videos from this outing can be found here:












North Central Mountains

Ganoga Falls Amphitheater, Ricketts Glen State Park - January 30, 2021

by Dave Seasholtz Sun, January 31 2021 17:17

Randy Edelman and I took a trip to Ricketts Glen, and found the conditions on the right side of the Ganoga Falls Amphitheater favorable to put in a few laps. We mostly climbed various lines on the Cradleboard route to the far right of the amphitheater. Dutch Eagle and Savage still need to touch down, and War Bonnet needs to fill in. Ganoga Falls itself, is filling in nicely, but still has open water flowing over top of the ice. The left side of the amphitheater looks like it would go.

YouTube videos from our 1/30/2021 visit to Ganoga Falls here:





















Ricketts Glen

NE Pennsylvania - Campbell Falls and Buttermilk Falls - January 29-30, 2021

by dseasholtz Sun, January 31 2021 15:45

Looks like Northeast PA now has some routes that have come into shape. From Tim Gronski:

"Hi Dave, 

I’ve contributed to your site before in 2018-2019 but 2020 was a complete bust. Anyhow, wanted to share some climbing pictures from Friday and Saturday 1/29-1/30. 

The two climbs are Coxton Falls in Duryea (This is Campbell Falls in Griz's Ice Climbing Pennsylvania Guidebook), and Bear Creek Falls in Bear Creak Township. Both are set up pretty nice right now, but there is still running water behind them.

Coxton (I’ve heard it called Campbell’s Ledge Falls too) is in pretty good condition, it you will get a little wet. You need to be very confident if you decide to lead this falls right now, cause the ice isn’t in great condition. Fine for a top rope though. With continued colder temperatures, it’ll be great by next weekend.




Bear Creek Falls, (I’ve heard this called Buttermilk Falls as well) is in great condition to lead or top rope. It’s more mellow than Coxton. I’m not great on grading but I would say Coxton is a WI3/4 and Bear Creek more of a WI2/3.

It was a great time and both falls are really accessible and not far off the road at all."



Thanks for your report Tim!


North Central Mountains | Poconos

Lock Haven / Renovo - Ice Report - January 23, 2021

by Dave Seasholtz Sat, January 23 2021 23:25

I have had several fellow ice climbers contact me to see if any ice has been forming in the Lock Haven / Renovo region. So far, this year has been a bust. These three photos show the lack of ice in Roadside Gully. There is also no ice forming in the Gemini Gullies. After witnessing these dismal conditions, I did not even bother to check out Hidden Amphitheater. We desperately need a week of single digits to resurrect this season.


The only route that appears to be forming is Glass Menangerie on the right side of the third tier.


In a good year, this is what conditions should be like at this time in January, at Roadside Gully.




Lock Haven / Renovo

WELCOME - 2020- 2021 Ice Climbing Season is on the Horizon.

by dseasholtz Tue, September 18 2018 16:46

The 2019-2020 ice climbing season was a bust. In Central Pennsylvania, it never remained cold enough for the ice to fully come in. Lets hope for better conditions this coming season.

Feel free to check our Ice Condition Archive Pages located along the right sidebar to see what we can expect if the weather cooperates. Please use this site and www.NEIce.com to assist you in determining where to climb.

HELP WANTED! Please help keep this site up to date. Use the conditions form listed on the "Submit" tab above, or email your Pennsylvania Ice Climbing trip reports and photos to dave@hikebikeclimb.net and I will post them 


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