Bucktail Canyon - Lock Haven / Renovo - March 3, 2013

by Dave Seasholtz Mon, March 04 2013 22:24

Unfortunately, Roadside Gully and Hidden Amphitheater have not recovered from the thaw that hit us on January 30-31. We never received an extended period of single digit temps in February, and the photos below show the result.


Roadside Gully's approach is washed out, but Glass Menagerie looks in. - 3/3/2013       Open water and thin delaminated ice conditions at Hidden Amphitheater - 3/3/2013

Looking across the river at the Gemini Gullies, it appears that those climbs fared much better that Roadside and Hidden. The first pitches look fat, but I am unable to assess the top outs on the final headwalls. The Geminis are the only safe bet for anyone exploring the area.

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