NE Pennsylvania - Campbell Falls and Buttermilk Falls - January 29-30, 2021

by dseasholtz Sun, January 31 2021 15:45

Looks like Northeast PA now has some routes that have come into shape. From Tim Gronski:

"Hi Dave, 

I’ve contributed to your site before in 2018-2019 but 2020 was a complete bust. Anyhow, wanted to share some climbing pictures from Friday and Saturday 1/29-1/30. 

The two climbs are Coxton Falls in Duryea (This is Campbell Falls in Griz's Ice Climbing Pennsylvania Guidebook), and Bear Creek Falls in Bear Creak Township. Both are set up pretty nice right now, but there is still running water behind them.

Coxton (I’ve heard it called Campbell’s Ledge Falls too) is in pretty good condition, it you will get a little wet. You need to be very confident if you decide to lead this falls right now, cause the ice isn’t in great condition. Fine for a top rope though. With continued colder temperatures, it’ll be great by next weekend.




Bear Creek Falls, (I’ve heard this called Buttermilk Falls as well) is in great condition to lead or top rope. It’s more mellow than Coxton. I’m not great on grading but I would say Coxton is a WI3/4 and Bear Creek more of a WI2/3.

It was a great time and both falls are really accessible and not far off the road at all."



Thanks for your report Tim!


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