Lock Haven / Renovo - Ice Report - January 23, 2021

by Dave Seasholtz Sat, January 23 2021 23:25

I have had several fellow ice climbers contact me to see if any ice has been forming in the Lock Haven / Renovo region. So far, this year has been a bust. These three photos show the lack of ice in Roadside Gully. There is also no ice forming in the Gemini Gullies. After witnessing these dismal conditions, I did not even bother to check out Hidden Amphitheater. We desperately need a week of single digits to resurrect this season.


The only route that appears to be forming is Glass Menangerie on the right side of the third tier.


In a good year, this is what conditions should be like at this time in January, at Roadside Gully.




Lock Haven / Renovo