Lock Haven Ice Report - February 10, 2019

by dseasholtz Mon, February 11 2019 13:30

Last week's temps in the 50's and the rain did knock it down, but more seasonable temps this week may help. Photos below of Roadside Gully and the Gemini Gullies were taken on 2/10/2019.
Ice climbing did get some favorable publicity in the local newspaper on 2/11/2019: Lock Haven Express

Roadside Gully: (Left) Low angle approach in Roadside Gully is now open water.     (RightThe upper tiers in Roadside are hanging on, but I suspect some delamination.


Gemini Gullies: With the excessive runoff, the upper amphitheaters are now triplets this year, with an interesting column that formed to the right of Right Gemini Gully


Lock Haven / Renovo