Lock Haven Ice Report - January 25, 2019

by Dave Seasholtz Fri, January 25 2019 14:20

Damage Report: After favorable ice building conditions this past weekend into Tuesday, we were hit with constant rain for over 24 hours Wednesday into Thursday. This put a big hit on the ice... Photos show the current conditions.

Hidden Amphitheater: I met Benjamin Stone from the Williamsport area at Hidden Amphitheater. He was flying his drone over the Green Run drainage to determine ice conditions, and got some awesome aerial photos of Hidden Amphitheater. These sure beats trying to get a shot through the trees! Ben passed me the following shots.

Open waterfall on all three pitches of Hidden Amphitheater. 

Closeup of the second and third tiers in Hidden Amphitheater. It looks like the second pitch could have been in before the rain, but now has water shooting over the remaining ice. Too much runoff! Not sure if this will form this year unless we get an extended cold snap.

Roadside Gully: (Left) Low angle approach is still open water with delaminated and undercut ice.  (Right) The steep upper tiers took a hit, but are looking fatter than a week ago.


Gemini Gullies: The seven mile approach road down the east side of the river is a sheet of ice, I backed out of a solo trip down river due to the slippery road conditions. I suggest chains or more than one vehicle to make the trek. I did get some photos shooting across the river.

(Left) The low angle first pitches at the Gemini Gullies look good, but topping out on either route could be a challenge.  (Right) Left Gemini Gully: The central pillar, that usually tops out, is washed out and missing. It is possible the left ramp is there, but it could not be seen through the trees from across the river.


(Left)  Right Gemini Gully looks in better shape than the left, but currently does not appear to top out.  (Right) Little Roadside Gully looks to be kind of climbable, but there is that sketchy start from the side of the highway. 



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