Lock Haven Ice Report - January 15, 2019

by Dave Seasholtz Tue, January 15 2019 20:53

Took a drive up the Renovo Road (Rt.120) north of Lock Haven this afternoon to assess conditions. Checked on the Gemini Gullies and Roadside Gully. With the excessive water flow from our very wet Fall and early Winter, we are going to need at least another week of COLD temps to get this stuff to fatten up and touch down. Did not check on Hidden Amphitheater as I am betting it is still a raging waterfall with all the runoff.

Gemini Gullies 

Left Gemini Gully and its upper amphitheater.


Right Gemini Gully and its upper amphitheater.


Roadside Gully and its steep upper tiers in the amphitheater.


Little Roadside Gully along Rt. 120. 


Lock Haven / Renovo