March 18, 2017 - Narrows, Dead Deer Gully

by dseasholtz Mon, March 20 2017 09:38

Despite our dismal weather this season, some fortunate climbers finally found some ice to climb in Pennsylvania.
Report from Doug Reilley:

Climbed Dead Deer Gully today. Conditions ranged from plastic to wet to hollow depending on the aspect and flow. there is considerable avy snow pile at the base of the climb that extends all the way to the road. Yesterday morning it was pretty firm and front point-able (very alpine like!)
Left Flows were decent and pretty well protected. the Center curtain at the top was not quite touching down but climbable.



Due to a closure by DCNR, Dead Deer is one of the few routes currently available to climb at the Narrows. The closure is due to a pair of Peregrine Falcons nesting on the cliffs near Main Gully. Climbing is not allowed from February 4 through July 31 at the following locations: Main Flow, Banana, Main Gully, and Hidden Amphitheatre.



The Narrows