Damage Report - Bucktail Canyon - Montgomery Cliffs - February 2, 2013

by Dave Seasholtz Sat, February 02 2013 16:15

The ice really took a hit from the record warm temps and heavy rain this past week. Below are some pics I took this morning of the Bucktail Canyon climbs, and Wayne Barnard took some shots of the routes at the Montgomery Cliffs.



Roadside Gully has open running water the distance of the low angle approach, and the first steep tier appaears to be partially washed away. Hidden Amphitheater is currently a strong running waterfall from all the runnoff coming down Green Run.



Looking across the river from Rt 120, it appears that the Gemini Gullies did not get hit as hard as the other locations in Bucktail Canyon. At Montgomery, Route 2 was wiped out with only new ice re-appearing.



At Montgomery, Route 3 fared a bit better than than the others. Route 4 was washed away. It is interesting to look at the same routes in last weeks conditions posts and see how much the routes suffered. With the cold temps this weekend, they are starting to recover.


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