Roadside Gully, Lock Haven - 2/13/2011

by Dave Seasholtz Sun, February 13 2011 23:55

Jason Erdman reports: Tom Mrotek and I climbed at Roadside Gully today.  We soloed up the first section to the head wall.  The ice was pretty good, but it was a little thin at the top of some of the bulges.  I led Mixed Madness and it was in great condition and really fun.  Almost all of the other sections of the second tier looked climbable with the exception of Thriller Pillar.  The third tier was in pretty good condition.  Motorhead is just about touching down and could probably be climbed by someone with a little more skill than Tom and I.  Tom led Glass Menagerie, which was in pretty solid condition.  The bottom was a little hollow but it improved with every swing.  We put new cord on the rap anchors for the second and third tiers.  The first tier rap anchor looked to still be in pretty good condition.  With the warm weather forecast for next week, this may have been the last day to get on Roadside, unless we get a severe cold snap at the end of February.


Low angle approach to Roadside Gully and Tom Mrotek leading Glass Menagerie on the third tier - 2/13/11

Closeup of the steep upper tiers in Roadside Gully - 2/13/11

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