Gemini Gullies, Lock Haven - 1/29/2011

by Dave Seasholtz Sun, January 30 2011 01:00

Mike Hasse reports: We climbed Gemini Left today (1/29).  It was in decent shape I'd say; the first and third pitches (we climb it as three with the first belay at the tree near the gully split and the second at the base of the headwall) were solid, but the second had a bit of rotten ice on it.  The lower angle sections had accumulated about 6 inches of snow, and there was a layer of rotten ice about an inch thick before getting to solid ice underneath.  The pillar that forms the right half of the third pitch was not fully formed, and the ice on the top half of the third pitch looked rotten enough to be concerning.  We ended up climbing halfway up the third pitch and then rapping from a large tree off to the left that we accessed before climbing the right heading "ramp".  


Pitch one, Right Gemini Gully and the Upper Amphitheater of Right Gemini - 1/29/11


Final Pitch, Right Gemini Gully - 1/29/11

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