Old 309 Quarry, Dallas (NEPA) - 12/19/10

by Dave Seasholtz Sun, December 19 2010 21:17

Tim Gronski reports: Local spot in the Dallas area in NEPA. More ice is coming in around this pitch. A solid 90 feet. Nice anchors up top to drop a rope down but they are a little sketchy getting to the noticeable stump for a bomb proof anchor. Wear your crampons while going up to the anchor cause the ground is frozen and there isn't much room to walk along the edge. There is a lot of debris from the clear cutting of the trees to put a power line through the area which kinda sucks but you have to deal with it. It's a nice spot to spend a few hours. Coordinates: N 41°17.444' W 075°55.177'

Old 309 Quary, Dallas - 12/19/10

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