Shoestring Gully, Hidden Amphitheater, Lock Haven - 12/24/10

by Dave Seasholtz Fri, December 24 2010 23:52

Jason Erdman reports: I ventured up to Lock Haven for a little scouting trip this morning. I soloed up Shoestring Gully on the eastern side of the river, which is in pretty good condition. Most of the ice is pretty thick, but it is not completely formed throughout the entire route. There are a few bare sections in the middle and near the top of the route. This was the first time I climbed Shoestring and it was pretty fun for an easy route. I also checked out Hyner Amphitheater a couple of hundred yards upstream (north) from Shoestring. There is some good ice coming in on the small 15ft. headwalls, but it is still a little thin.

Shoestring Gully from the bottom and midway up - 12/24/10

I also took a walk into Hidden Amphitheater. I had my easiest approach ever into hidden as there is hardly any ice on the rock bed leading up to the amphitheater. I usually end up on my backside at least once a season trying to negotiate the ice rocks. I found that Hidden has made some progress since the last update, but it is still not in great shape. There is a line or two on the right side that could be climbed, but the ice is pretty thin and the top-outs after each tier would be sketchy at best. I would give it a week or two if anyone is considering going to Hidden Amphitheater.

Hyner Amphitheater just upstream (north) of Shoestring Gully.                                       Hidden Amphitheater, 12/24/10

Finally, I drove past Roadside Gully and there is still a lot of water flowing. It does not look like much progress has been made since last week at Roadside. We need one more good cold snap and most of the areas will be in good shape in Lock Haven. Until then, if anyone is climbing there, be careful and tread lightly.