Gemini Gullies, Hidden Amph., Roadside Gully, Lock Haven - 12/30/10

by Dave Seasholtz Thu, December 30 2010 22:35

Tom Mrotek and Jason Erdman were climbing in the Lock Haven area this morning and passed me the following report.

Gemini Gullies: They climbed Left Gemini and topped out on the mixed finish on the left side of the upper amphitheater. Jason noted that conditions were pretty good throughout the entire route. There is more ice on the upper tier than when he was out last week. The upper amphitheater in Right Gemini Gully is slowly growing and may soon be climbable.

Hidden Amphitheater: Still needs some COLD temps to bring it into climbable condition. It doesnt look like it has grown much since last weekend.

Roadside Gully: The upper steep tiers are starting to look good from the road, but the low angle approach gully still has several sections of running water.

The weather report for Friday and Saturday is not good. Highs around 48 degrees and possible showers on Saturday afternoon. The temps are supposed to fall to more seasonable conditions on Sunday. Time will tell how much this warm spell will affect the ice.


Tom Mrotek topping out on Left Gemini Gully - 12/30/10